WakeCup and smell the coffee !

Just in time for Christmas we have been given the opportunity to try out the WakeCup flask and straw.

GlobalWakeCup is a brand that is standing up the our throw away society, aiming for a zero waste world. If you have been following me on social media recently you will know that this has also become a part of mine and my daughter Effie’s lives. Effie says when she is older, she wants to ‘save all the turtles in the sea’ after learning all about them at a visit to an aquarium. She even made up a song about it;

I want to save all the fishes in the sea,

I want to save all the turtles in the sea,

I want to save all the whales in the sea,

Don’t put plastic in the sea!

There was a video of her singing it on my insta stories not too long ago – just the sweetest!

Now, we haven’t exactly delved into this lifestyle, banishing all plastics from our home just yet – as this seems counter productive. I think using what we have, and then figuring out the best way to dispose of it is the best option for us. And I have to say – I wasn’t particularly overjoyed with the thought of big clunky re usable things taking up all the space in our tiny kitchen. Turns out, this doesn’t have to be the case. The flask I have received is by far one of the nicest ones I’ve seen! I’m so happy I get to try it out. The design is very stylish and as far as I can tell, on trend.. I like it anyway!

Getting on with reviewing the flask, It feels robust – not flimsy in any way. I noticed a few minor scratches on the wood – but I think that is to be expected due to the nature of the material used, Its all metal inside to perfectly fine to use. The flask as you would imagine can be used to keep your beverage either piping hot, or ice cold, I had a little test and it seems to work for ever! Though I didn’t time it.. This handy dandy flask also had a tea leaf thingy inside it, I thought that was super cool, I personally haven’t seen that before in something like this. It is detachable though, if tea isn’t your ‘thing’.

Another thing I really like about WakeCup is the logo on the cup, its not tacky in any way its quite subtle and embossed – Lovely!

As well as the flask we were also gifted a straw. Straws are our nemesis – plastic ones anyway! we tried the chunkier plastic ones, paper ones (gross) metal ones but nothing compared to the evil plastic straws! I wasn’t holding out much hope for this one either to be quite honest, I thought it’d make our drinks taste ‘woody’ but it didn’t. It is a bit different but not unpleasant like I found the metal ones to be, and it wont go mushy (can’t stand it) like those paper ones.

Although I can’t really compare to other brands, I will definitely consider buying more from this range in the future – perhaps they could come up with a protein shaker? I’d be up for trying that one out! The smell you get on the plastic ones just isn’t something I want to even think about. Yuck!

Thanks for checking out our Blog, and thank you to GlobalWAKECup and WeBlogNorth for setting this up for us!

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