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Were kicking it off with a review! Hive were kind enough to send us some products try out over on instagram, but thought it would be nice and perhaps helpful to do a more in depth review on here.

You can see here a little overview of the items sent to us;

How it works

So, as far as my understanding goes you require a ‘hive hub’ to be able to control all of your hive products – from here it sends a signal to your phone where you can control everything in the app! Being a country girl i thought this was very future and I was most excited.

As you can see above, we were gifted the hub and a light bulb to try out. The hub comes in at £80 and this particular light is £44 though upon checking out the website they have a wide range of bulbs to choose starting from £15. we also got some popcorn which Effie claimed all of!

Setting it up was pretty straight forwards – even for me … I have a lot of issues with technology. You just plug the hub into your internet box, then sync your product up to it via the app. Easy, right?

But do you like it?

Yes! At first we set it all up in the living room just to become accustomed to and unafraid of said new technology. It is now permanently residing in Effie’s bedroom due to its dim-able properties. I think this is such a handy dandy tool for bedtime, and now that its getting darker in the mornings great for waking her up using the timer function where you can set the light to come on at any time you desire! Great for my little sleeper, she does hate waking up – threenager?

What about the colour changing?

I think this is a lovely novelty feature, whilst we had it set up in the living room we had it set to a colour to suit what we were watching, blue for the little mermaid etc. Effie thought this was fantastic! However if I were to buy more lights which I probably will I think I would just go for the dim-able ones. I think for my family of two personally one is enough for the colour changing. Perhaps in a bigger family with more children it would be a really good Idea to have more – Or if you really love them, why not just do every light?!


I am not familiar with any other products of this type to compare. But on its own I really love using hive and would definitely give 5* and i’m sure Effie would too!


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