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Planning Adams 30th Birthday

Adam says my Instagram post on this event was not long enough – so here’s a bit of a longer post! x

After a long time thinking of what to get Adam for his Birthday, I came up with absolutely nothing! So I turned to the Idea of a possible weekend or night away somewhere fairly local. We live in such a beautiful place so we are lucky at the amount of hotels and scenic locations we could choose from. My idea was to keep it a secret, I don’t think that lasted all too long.

Having only visited a few places I decided to go on a hotel hunt and had a good look around some of the hotels the lake district has to offer. For the most part hotels were already fully booked for weddings etc, but I managed to check out a few most of them being suitable for our needs.

The one that caught my attention the most was Low Wood Bay, I love this hotel – recently re vamped, the staff are just the best, the rooms are amazing – and the views! Need I say more?

Now, being the type of person that worries about anything and everything going wrong I double, triple, annoying customer checked every little thing would be perfect – months in advance. Making sure everything would be suitable for us and 100% wheelchair accessible so we could experience everything that Adam wanted too. I went to the hotel and picked out a room, checked where the lifts were and appropriate parking spaces etc. I was helped by staff throughout my planning worries.

Check again!

I checked again closer to the time to make sure I’d done everything. I hadn’t booked a table at the restaurant! We often go to the Wild Boar also one of the English lakes hotels, which is amazing – I wanted us to try out Blue Smoke which is conveniently located within the hotel, another selling point for me! Luckily they had a handy website where you can book your table and also leave any ‘special requests’ I mentioned we needed a chair removing to make space for Adam and also that it was his 30th birthday. I absolutely loved this website feature, I didn’t need to physically talk to anyone and I could see all the available times so I could choose accordingly.

Oh dear ..

Having already ruined the surprise we packed our bags and set off to the low wood bay. There were two options of locations for us to park, either round the front of our hotel – or there were some spaces in the main car park that were specifically accessible spaces, and being that there was a water fountain and fire pit ’round at that entrance I decided we should park there for the wow factor of this entrance. At first it was indeed very wow and I was so excited to see what Adam thought – however … Once we got in I noticed a sign on the lift saying that it was out of order – but I didn’t think anything of it assuming there would be another list as no one had contacted me to tell me it was broken. After a little look one of the staff came over to see if we needed any help with anything and I asked how can we get down to reception to check in? He said that there was no other way down for us but tried his best to resolve the issue, he pushed Adam back to the car as I think he could see me being a bit useless – and the slope to the hotel from this entrance is quite steep. The member of staff ran round the the front of the hotel at the other parking spaces and waited for us there, again offering to help. As there was nothing he could really do he went and checked us in while we got all out bits together. I really can’t remember this mans name but he was so amazing through out our stay.

So, obviously it was a bit upsetting that we were unable to access one of my favorite parts of the hotel, but I decided to try ignore it and not let it spoil our stay as the rest of the hotel is still very lovely and I was determined to make his Birthday really special. We got into the room and it was just as special as I remembered it, in some of the other hotels I went too the accessible rooms looked accessible and weren’t in my opinion presented as well as the other rooms but not a low wood!

We got settled and ready for tea at Blue smoke. This was one of the best restaurant meals I’ve had – especially the pud – whatever it was!

After tea we decided to go for a few drinks at the bar near our room, we chatted to the staff who were all very lovely and willing to spend some time while it was quiet.

Overall we had a really lovely time and we will definitely be returning to experience the rest of what low wood has to offer – they even offered us some prosecco and chocolates upon our return!


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  1. Ooo the food here looks fabulous! I’m a big fan of the Lakes and do many trips up there every year. I’ve passed the Low Wood so many times and called to see the sheep sculpture that was positoned there in 2016 as part of the Go Herdwick sculpture trail, but never actually been in. After reading this, maybe I should!! ?

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