Afternoon tea, anyone?

Afternoon tea at Laura Ashley’s The Belsfield Hotel

This post is long overdue (we visited mid November), but now that I have an essay deadline fast approaching – I find that I have time for so many things that aren’t that!

So, I have actually wanted to check out this hotel for quite some time but previously has been fully booked at the times I wanted to go. Combining this with the fact I had nothing for my mothers Birthday, and had no clue where to start with it I decided an early afternoon tea whilst Effie was at nursery would be perfect – and thankfully, they had plenty of bookings available.

I was able to book the whole thing online, staff are so friendly and helpful here during the booking process, which in some situations can be quite stressful, luckily I had a week or so to plan.

Although mother offered, I insisted that I’d drive. She doesn’t often get in the car with me driving – she says I drive too fast. But I drive under the speed limit, as i’m terrified of going to prison.. so I can’t have been going all that fast. However, having said that the roads in the lake district aren’t exactly straight. Not the best for nervous drivers, theirs always one that drives in-front of you at less than 10 mph and stops for traffic coming in the other direction for no reason at all.

Anyway – we arrive about half an hour early. We HATE being late, but is comes at the price of half an hour of having to think of something to do.  Which on this occasion wasn’t so bad. Below is the view from our table, which even on this dreary day, was it still quite lovely to look out over the lake.

I’ll stop yakking on and show you the amazing afternoon tea we had – I will definitely be returning, we had such a lovely time and I can’t even describe how good the food was – especially the yellow tart thing (what are you? I need more).

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