The time she lost 50lbs

So, I’ve had a lot of new people come into my life recently and if they were to see this they may be shocked to see how much of a different person I have become in the past few years. Too give every one the short story, I was not living my best life, I was not happy – and I was really very overweight too a point where I did not recognize the ‘old me’.

I think it is amazing how just changing a few things in your life can make for a 100% better you. Here’s the proof ;

I know this makes for a brilliant ‘before and after’ but too me really this is two completely different people. I feel quite sad over how I let myself get knowing that previously I was a full time gym goer and I loved my life and my body. I’m not going to go into the details of how and why I got to were I got because that wouldn’t be fair to the people who were in my life at the time or would keep it light-hearted and p c for the public blog 😉


So how did I get me back? I surrounded myself with love. Friends and family, people I could talk to. People that believe in you and want to support you and see you succeed. My family helped kick start my health and fitness by making sure I was doing exercise every day, and sure enough I felt so much better. Friends invited me to their fitness activities and I became a part of a community of athletes which is so amazing. For me I think it is all about mindset, if I am around negative people or people that want to see failure it rubs off on me being a really empathetic person. But being back home feeling all the love, I just ‘got better’ so to speak. Its not a huge amount of time between photo one and two. Someone has said, it looks as though I could be the daughter of my former self. The amount of energy I have now from then, I definitely feel as though I could be as well.


So for anyone who has asked, I’m sorry I don’t have a magic pill, or an amazing story. Just a lot of amazing people, and the knowledge that it is OK to need and accept help when it all goes to pot. I got my hobby back and made some new ones I really enjoy my life and try to make the most of every single day, whether its spending quality time with Effie or going on adventures with Adam (we will talk more about him another time). I think that’s all I really want to say in this post, life is back on track and everyone is doing really well. Obviously I’m still not where I was body-wise, but I am OK with that … I’m not the person I was either 🙂

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” – Alice

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  1. I really feel you in this post and I’ve had a similar loss of weight since Christmas last year (5.5 stone so far) though mine has been down to prolonged illness. I needed to lose it however and have similar feelings about how did I let myself get to the weight I was..?. The answer was – life and people… I’m much happier with my appearance now though and although I hate how the weight loss has happened, it’s been a wonderful bonus to illness and another couple of stone and I’ll be at the right weight for me! I’m glad you’re living a happier life now… Here’s to us living better lives!!! ?
    P.S. am loving your blog – keep up the good work! (Found you through We Blog North)

    1. Here’s to us!! I’m just having a browse through your blog now – re your steam fair post – I’d recommend the Cumbria steam gathering too that’s a good day out!

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