Effie’s top 10 moments


Effie ‘won’ her first medal

Effie has recently traded in her ballet slippers for a fancy leotard and she is loving every second. She may not be the most talented gymnast yet, but her confidence around people is vastly improving. On her first lesson, Effie wouldn’t talk to anyone and she carried a dolly round the whole time, though she did try her best to join in with the class. Now Effie can’t wait for the next lesson to show off how shes been practicing. She makes it known that she is present and tries her best to befriend everyone. Not only this, but when Effie’s name was called out to receive a medal she was so excited that she got up on that stage in-front of hundreds of people, all on her own! I’m still so impressed with her for having the courage to do this. Well done Eff, you definitely deserve that medal.


Our first holiday together – Cresswell

Effie and I took our first break together shortly after moving back home, just to get away from everything for a little bit, it did us both a world of good! We went to Golden sands holiday park on the north east coast, near where mum is from. The weather was amazing and there were loads of sandy beaches to choose from.


Effie’s first pets

Once moving into our own home together, Effie and I decided it would be a good idea to grow our family a little, and adopted two Guinea Pigs! Peter and Henry were adopted at about a year old, they are both different kinds of pigs, Effie loves them so much.


Effie’s first and only haircut

Effie has only ever had one haircut so far, usually when babies have hair it rubs off or falls out.. Effie’s didn’t ans she was born with very dark hair compared to her now very blonde hair. So it was a mismatch of colours which needed sorting. Effie loves having long princess hair so since then we just haven’t cut it.


Effie gets her very own pavilion

So, Effie spends a lot of her time outside thus gathering a lot of ‘outside toys’ so we built her somewhere to keep it all! Effie loves her play house also containing, noisy toys, kitchen with a thousand bits of food bikes etc.


Finding a pony small enough for Effie

Effie absolutely loves the idea of horses, she was completely adamant that horse riding was for her. So I found her my old riding hat (never throw anything away) and off we went to see some horses! Effie was not impressed. Horses are scary, far too big. Still, Effie loves the idea of horses. When on a more recent holiday the opportunity came about for her to ride on literally the smallest pony I have ever seen. She loved it!


Effie discovers her love for the sea

After being going on a turtle tour in one of the aquariums, where you get to rescue a turtle (plastic) you nurse it back to health by x-raying it, finding out what is wrong, rehabilitating it and then returning it to the sea. This seems to have sparked an interest with Effie who at three years old says she wants to ”save all the turtles in the sea” (not limited to turtles, but they are her favorite). I think this shows just what a caring, compassionate and empathetic young lady she is which makes me so proud.


Overcoming fears

This year, Effie, after seeing him about 10 times on individual occasions, overcame her fear of Father Christmas! Well done sausage



Effie has had a few sleepovers now, and at her age they are the most exciting, wonderful things. one sleepover however, was especially special. Effie has been nagging, tantruming, pleading to stay over at my partners house for such a long time – and finally a week or so ago we let her, and to her it was like Christmas had come all over again.

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