13 things to do for Halloween | 3 years old

What can my too young for scary three year old do to join in with Halloween? I have come up with a few ideas of things to try out – we have loved doing them so far!

  • With weather being not always so great, try a ‘spooky’ movie, Effie really loves casper the friendly ghost and we also watch scooby doo
  • Cover fruit in chocolate – not just apples, try all sorts – maybe even something new … it might work, right?
  • Pick out your own pumpkin!
  • Draw a face on your pumpkin, and get your adult to cut it out (I’m not sure why I’ve started typing like a blue peter presenter here).
  • Get costume ready! We got Effie’s pumpkin dress from Home Bargains.
  • Party party party! We’ve been to two Halloween parties so far and Effie is loving it, she even manages to win a game of musical bumps with the older children … although, I’m not sure she was trying to join in – to me it looked like she was just sitting down. Or was it tactical playing? Who knows!

  • Collect autumnal debris from outside to create pictures – leaves, sticks ..etc.
  • Have a ‘spooky photo-shoot’ Effie isn’t always in the mood to be photographed, but if its themed shes all for it!
  • Baking is always a good one with smaller children, Effie and her Auntie baked some Halloween biscuits together – and of course, Effie was in costume!
  • Have a look ’round the shops at the Halloween sections, this one is fun and inexpensive – unless you can’t resist the tiny ‘please can I have’s’
  • Trick or treating at families homes, Effie is a bit young for big kid trick or treating, but why not do a practice year, aunties, uncles, grandmas etc – Providing you all live relatively close or it may be slightly inconvenient and not much fun.. I’m trying

  • Have a whole bunch of fun, and make a ton of memories x
  • Check pinterest 

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