10 Things I wish I had known | NFL at Wembley Stadium

This year, we went to the NFL game at Wembley stadium – Eagles vs Jaguars  I like birds so naturally was all for the Eagles (Fun fact, Princess Diana also supported the Eagles!) I had never been to a game before – to be perfectly honest I has never watched a full game before either. These are just a few things I wish I had known before attending.

1. Wear clothes under your clothes! It is freezing cold sat there for so long – maybe invest in some thermals, thick socks and gloves.

2. Wear something with pockets big enough for your stuff, you can not take a bag – I wore leggings and a football jersey so had no pockets at all!

3. Practice your catching skills – if you want that t-shirt from the party patrol. I didn’t get one 🙁

4. If you’re staying over consider staying at another location, London is so expensive. We stayed at a hotel in Milton Keynes.

5. If you’re wanting to go to the NFL shop , get there super early, unless you enjoy queuing!

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, parking directions, your gate direction etc – all the staff are there to help you get to your locations safely.

7. Have a big breakfast before you go, we did actually do this one and lasted without needing to buy food at the stadium. This way you avoid queuing and save a bunch of money. We went straight for tea after the game was over… this is of course unless you’re wanting the novelty of having a massive hot dog.

8. If your group is splitting up for any reason, have a plan, a meeting location in case anything happens, make sure you all have each others numbers as it is likely the internet wont be working too well. Take care of each other.

9. Don’t let rude people ruin your day. There will be pushing, shoving, people sat in your seats, bad smells, drunk fans – its all a part of the experience I suppose. Our seats were actually double booked – I didn’t even know that could happen but apparently it does – this seemed like a safety issue to me but the ushers just moved us into someone else’s seats and so the process repeats. It was for the most part pretty unorganized from my point of view. But we still managed to have a great time.

10. Take a million photos, make loads of memories and have an amazing time. Enjoy the atmosphere, remember it is a football game – Its going to be loud…very, very loud!


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  1. Some of my family were at that game! My husband is a huge NFL fan so I have gained lots of knowledge about it through Osmosis! Ha ha… We are Texans fans as my best friend lives in Houston and I may not have been to a Wembley game, but I had the great honour of seeing the Texans at home in Houston 4 years ago! What an experience and one I’m glad I’ve had – most of these points you learnt also applied to Houston too apart from the needing extra clothes, lol… Funnily enough in Texas in September I was in shorts and strappy top! ?

    1. It was such a good experience, I had absolutely no clue what was happening though, haha! I’m not sure I’d have enjoyed being around that many people in the heat though – typical Brit

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